Advanced Lab B: RC Cars (Ages 12+) NEW!

You asked for more advanced classes, so we listened! This class is the the next level in Build It's progression of classes. During this three-month course, students will take a single interdisciplinary project from inception to completion by building a remote control car from scratch. Students will design and print 3D structural components for their cars, which will be powered by Arduinos circuits that bring their cars to life. The cars will be powered by Arduinos, that is, until the students build their own microcontrollers to replace the Arduinos. And of course, they will get to program the car's behavior and its interactions with the controllers. Best of all, students will be able to keep their inventions at the end of the course so they can show off their creations...and continue to build them bigger and better at home!

This program is designed for students ages 12 and up who have taken Build It classes before and are ready for a greater challenge. Because the project will build upon itself from week to week, consistent attendance is essential.

Ages: 12 and up
Prerequisite: any one of the following:
• Arduino Electronic Circuits A, or
• Python Programming A, or
• Lego Robotics A: Fundamentals, or
• Instructor approval (email for details)
Times: 4 pm - 6 pm
Dates: Fridays, 9/15 - 12/15 (except for 10/6, 11/10, and 11/24)

Price: $300.00

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