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Faye Hall, Founder

Build It is the beautiful fruit of Faye's passion for technology and education.  Faye has over 20 years experience working in a wide range of high tech companies, Sprint, eBay, and various tech start-ups.  As she raise two wonderful children along with her husband Dave who loves to tinker, they dreamed of a place where technology is something tangible that children get to touch and tinker, a place children become the masters of technology instead of the slaves, where learning is play, play is learning, where creativity and brilliance that children are born with get to be preserved, where the spark of curiosity is kindled. 

So in the summer of 2013, they started with one Lego Robotics summer camp through Redding Park and Recreation at a school gym.  It was an instant success.  In addition, Build It has been actively involved in the local charity events, community fairs, public services, and free or discounted classes for the underprivileged families, got nominated for Educator of the year at Innovate Northstate, and won the second place at FLL Lego Robotics Northern State regional competition.   

As we serve our local community, we are also building a brighter future on the other side of the world. As we believe education is fun, we also believe teaching children to think critically is the most effective way to fight terrorism and give our children a peaceful future.

Since 2013, thank you for your support of Build It, we have been able to sow into the future of war-torn Afghanistan. In Fall 2017, we launched the very first pilot Build It camp in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan. We taught Scratch coding, electric circuits, how to build a map, and how to make puzzles. Children were delighted. I also had the honor to speak at a business leadership conference while I was there.

Please continue to send your children to Build It, whether through summer camps, or just let us host your child's birthday party. As you are doing this, you are also sowing into your children a future that see no war, but peace.

Build It is part of Build It Code It Foundation, a nonprofit organization thrive for a better future for children around the world, recognizing we are all connected, what we sow into the most remote part of the world can have a great impact on us in our homeland.

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