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Mary Lascelles Photography


Build It offers Lego Robotics, Stop-Motion Animation, Computer Programming, e-Textiles, and 3D Printing classes, summer camps, field trips, and birthday parties to youth ages 6 to 18 in Redding California area and Shasta County.  We empower the younger generation to master technology, unlock creativity, and live a limitless life.

Lego Robotics

Build a robot, learn to program robots, and get creative to use all the different robot sensors in the Lego Mindstorm NXT2.0 to put the robots to the task.  More details

Computer Programming

Develop critical thinking through computer programming.  Become fluent in computer programming languages.  Have fun creating video games.  More details

Animation and Filmmaking

Create your imaginative world with Lego sets and mini figures.  Bring them to life through stop motion animation and special effects.  Enjoy learning all aspects of filmmaking.  More details

3D Modeling and Printing

Learn 3D modeling and see your design printed out by a  MakerBot 3D printer.  More details

Spring Coding Camps

We have a vision: every child growing up in the Shasta County will know how to code just as they know how to play soccer.  This spring, we bring two intensive coding camps to the community.  More details

Birthday Parties

For girls and boys, we have some unique and fun parties in store for you.  We've added "3D Printing Jewelry Party" theme.  More details

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